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Property manager
Rental apartment
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i Sie sind Besitzer einer Eigentumswohnung, in der Sie selbst wohnen? Dann sind Sie Selbstnutzer.
i Ihnen gehören eine oder mehrere Eigentumswohnungen, Häuser oder Wohnanlagen, die Sie an andere Personen vermieten? Dann sind Sie Vermieter.
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SE manager
i Estate in severalty (SE) management to owners of residential units within an owner community
Rental manager
i Management of apartment buildings with only one owner
WEG manager
i Property management for condominium owners’ associations according to the WEG Condominium Act (Wohnungseigentümergesetz)
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Hausio – Property Management
in Berlin from Berliner
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We know from our own experience that property management in Berlin is a sensitive issue. The scramble for rental apartments is particularly high in the capital and every living space is in great demand. Our mission is to always get the best out of every property. No matter where you are, so are we!

“We are enthusiastic about Hausio. The contact was super pleasant and at eye level right from the start. So far we cannot complain. " testi 1

Your benefits with Hausio

vorteile icon Full transparency Via our management platform you can see at any time what we are doing to manage and develop your property.
vorteile icon 2 Proactive collaboration We see solutions, not problems. Your property manager will design an individual roadmap tailored to your needs and ideas.
vorteile icon 3 Return optimisation Our asset management experts will analyse the current state of your property and make suggestions to optimise your utility, maintenance and rental contracts.
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Why Hausio is the best property management company in Berlin?

Many owners are financially as well as emotionally dependent on their investments. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a real estate management company in Berlin that reliably takes care of your property? You could sit back and relax, worry-free and have more time for the really important things in life? Hausio puts an end to would, could, would – We just do it!

We take care of all work relating to your property with professionalism and passion: We take care of the management, tenant support and maintenance of your condominiums as reliably as we do our own.

What we offer

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You need more?

Not only is the search for a new tenant often difficult. The administration of private property is also made more difficult in Berlin by politics. Current example: the so-called rent cover. This means that the cold rents will remain at the level of July 2019 for the next five years. This is not yet legally binding, but landlords have to adhere to it for the time being. The result is a lot of uncertainty on the part of both landlords and tenants. It is therefore advisable to have an experienced and professional partner by your side. And that’s Hausio.

We are your private property management company in Berlin. Since we come from Berlin ourselves, we know the city and the real estate market like the back of our hand.

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Our charges

icon tuer blau Accounting

For advanced

  • Rental entrance control
  • Deposit management
  • Debt collection
  • Execution of payment transactions
  • Utility cost calculation


  • rental package
only 9,90 € / unit / month
icon tuer blau 1 Basic

For beginners and investors

  • Contract management
  • Administration of rental securities
  • Dunning
  • Out-of-court receivables management
  • Communication
  • Creation of income surplus calculation
  • Maintenance measures


  • rental package
from 19,90 Euro / unit / month
optionally bookable icon tuer weiss rental package

only in connection with booking a basic or accounting package

  • Exposé creation
  • Marketing on popular portals
  • Conducting visits
  • Credit check
  • Creation of a rental agreement
  • Acceptance and handover of the object
only 1,5 monthly rents
incl. statutory VAT

This is how it works:

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and relax

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